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19 February 2009 @ 11:17 pm
She stopped in an alleyway behind some bins as she gasped for breath.
The street was deserted, the only lights being that from the streetlamps, setting an almost sinister aura that stretch shadows into looming shapes.

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty!”.

Her head shot up as soon as she heard the voice echoing off the house walls. They’d find her soon.
She could do nothing but start running again, run anywhere as long as it was away from the laughter that had now joined that voice that sent chills down her spine.
Her legs screamed out in pain for her to stop but she didn’t listen and continued to pound down another nameless street, the wind whipping at her short hair, tears streaming down her face.
She skidded to a halt when she saw a figure appear at the other end of the street, closing it off.
It stood with it’s hands in it’s pockets and she could feel the smile she knew was spread across it’s face.

“Don’t you want to come home?”. It asked in a voice that, if it was anyone else, would have never been heard.

“I’ve told you!”, she shouted.

There was that laugh again and the feeling of nausea swept over her as she set off into a sprint once more, down another dark alley and into another long road, but this time she took the time to read the name of the road and a flutter of hope filled her.
She fumbled for her mobile and punched in the numbers that she thought she would never be calling again.


She said a silent prayer as the mobile was answered and she heard that Irish accent. “Mitchell, it’s me.”

There was a pause. “What the hell are you doing calling me?”.

“Mitchell this isn’t the time… I’ve left them.”

“…Really?”. She looked behind her and gasped as four black shadows were slowly catching her up. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s Herrick. He’s found me. Please, I need your help”.

“Where are you?”

“Coming up to your house.”

The line went dead and she felt fear wash over her. He hadn’t just left her, had he?
But the fear disappeared as she saw the pink house come into view and the tall figure of Mitchell waiting in the light of the doorway.
“Don’t you dare!”. One of the voices shouted from behind her, “You’ll never be welcomed back!”

Mitchell held out a gloved hand and pulled her through the door before slamming it shut and sliding the lock. He lent against the wall and watched the woman in front of him bent over, gasping for breath. Her clothes were filthy and ripped and her hair clung to her tear-streaked face.


She looked up, her unnatural blue eyes staring at him before fluttering shut as she collapsed on to the laminate flooring.
He sighed and ran both of his hand through his hair before walking over to her and kneeling beside her.
Footsteps came thumping down the stairs and George appeared around the corner. “I heard shouting outside and the door went so I came to - bloody hell!”.

“Calm down George.”

He knelt beside his friend and felt the woman’s neck for a pulse. “Friend of yours?”, he asked as he saw Mitchell staring at her as if trying to fathom out if she was real or not, “Suppose you could say that.”

“Help me get her onto the sofa and I’ll run upstairs and get some blankets”.

The two men carefully placed her onto the creaking sofa and George ran back upstairs to get something warm for her.
Mitchell lent against the hallway wall looking at her. He never thought he’d be seeing her again, not after what happened. He was amazed Herrick even let her out of his sight for a second, but it was a second long enough for her to escape and find him again.
He was broken from his thoughts to hear George hammering down the stairs again, this time appearing with a bright yellow sheet. “I could only find this Spongebob blanket, do you think she’ll mind?”

Mitchell broken into a smile as George threw the blanket over her and lightly tucked her in.
“You want to tell me what happened?”

“Not yet.” Mitchell sighed, “We should go to bed, it’s late and she won‘t be going anywhere We'll sort this out in the morning.”

George put a hand on his shoulder and steered his friend to his bedroom, giving the woman on the sofa one last look before following. Something was wrong, he could sense it and he’d learned a long time ago not to ignore it. Something huge was going to happen, and it was only a matter of time before it dragged Mitchell, Annie and himself into it and all because of one woman who needed the help of a vampire.
04 January 2009 @ 02:56 pm
11 weeks! Never knew it was that long ago!

Well, the new Doctor was finally announced yesterday! I must admit that when I first saw Matt I was shocked and totally disbelieved! My mum even rang me up crying!
But then I realised that he must be good for Russell and everyone at DW to give him the job, and I'm not gunna judge him until I see what he does. It turns out I've seen him in a few things like Ruby in the Smoke and Secret Diary of a Call Girl along with Billie and he was pretty good in them so hopefully he'll bring a new lease of life to the Doctor (no pun intended).

I love the Boosh as well. Got to see them twice so very please.
Julian Barratt, how can anyone be so gorgeous in person?! Totally turned me from a Floozie into a Bitch in almost a click of a finger! The costimes, oh the costumes. The slinky little numbers that left nothing to the imagination...well, definatly not mine anyway. Only thing to spoil the Newcastle gig was the OMGs, who I would've happily shot on sight.
Within the first 10 minutes 2 lasses shouted out 'We love you Vince!', to which I replied just as loudly, 'Get bent!'.
The Hitcher got totally ambushed and Dan the bodyguard was amazing at trying to keep all the OMGs back, he even managed to keep his golf hat on!
The finale for me had to be the best bit of the show. Me and Panda got up and danced our way to the front. I thought it was only us until I saw a shit load of boosh fan following our lead! We were leading a troop of Booshes into battle :P
All in all was an amazing night! Will defiantly see them again!
17 October 2008 @ 06:20 pm
Ah, Fridays.
The best day of the week to me! I loves it, for the obvious reasons of course :P
College today wasn't that bad and Meg (the hormonal bitch from hell) actually said she liked my sewing in Textiles today! Queue my shocked face...
Just chilling at the moment, listening to Lee Evans on Youtube and just flickering through my fave websites.
Worrying slighty about my coursework like, there is waaay too much to remember for each lesson plus the fact that Mick (my Digi Imaging and Photography teacher) might be getting sacked. Don't feel sorry for him! He is a lovely bloke, don't get me wrong but his teaching is utterly crap!
4 weeks I've been waiting for a re-written brief for those lessons and nothing at all, so I have no idea what I'm doing, I've done nothing but take a few pictures and that's it! In 6 weeks, completely nothing because I don't know what I'm doing!
But everything else is going good so at least something alright :)
Just gunna chill this weekend me thinks, do my Ceramics coursework on the Sunday cos Meg demanded that she needs it in by Monday (as always).
01 October 2008 @ 02:56 pm

Been ill for the past few days. My nose is like a runner training from the olympics and it's all sore and dry skinned. My eyes are constantly watering and my ears are killing due to my throat feeling like someones had a grater to it.

On top of that I'm going ot see the Boosh on Monday and going to an Afterparty on the Tuesday in Sheffield so I hope I'm feeling much better for that.
A friend of mine on the Mighty Boosh forum (Panda) has given me a free ticket to the gig so no way was I going to turn it down! I did, however, offer her one of my tickets for November, which she happily excepted.

I'm massively pissed off at my friend (again).
Cos Panda is coming to see the Boosh with me in November and I've just told her how old she is (16).
She started kicking off saying 'We were going to go out drinking for your birthday as well! She won't get into Digital! She'll get I'Ded!'
So I just said, 'Oh well, we'll wait until nearer my birthday, which is in December, and we'll go out around the town near us'.
Then she had the nerve to say, 'Just tell her to go back to the Travel Lodge and come out with us!'
I just told her to stick it, that I'm not gunna leave a 16 year old in a Travel Lodge in Newcastle by herself whilst I go and get wasted!
She's my responsibility! I'm the one looking after her and if she can't get in them tuff to my mates.
I said we'd get some drinks in but, nope, not good enough!
She's angry cos it's been sorted since November last year but I'm getting a free ticket from Panda so I wanted to give her something in return, you know, cos I felt I needed to.

In all honesty, I'm more looking forward to Mondays gig! I'm meeting up with loads of people who I've been waiting to meet up with for ages! We're all going out for drinks afterwards because some people are going home the day after and can't make it to the Tuesday Afterparty.
Tuesday, I intend to get mashed even more than Monday! The Robots in Disguise are playing live there, plus no doubt the Boosh boys will be there so it's gunna be doubley fantastic! Plus I'm taking my camera with me so no doubt some lovely Fugly pic oppertunities of either us lot or the Bots or the Boosh!

So excited but I'm still feeling terrible so I'm praying I'll be fine, even though I'm missing my last 2 days at college, as well as Monday and Tuesday.
26 September 2008 @ 11:20 pm
Okay, it's offical, I hate my mate!
I've had 5 ticket to go and see The Mighty Boosh in November for almost a year now. 3 of the original 5 of us backed down so I've been saving 2 for my mate and her boyfriend to come.
She told me that I would get the money yesterday for her ticket because her mum's paying. I never called her yesterday and in all truthfullness I forgot. Anyway, she's just popped up on MSN and I've asked if I'm getting the money soon.
What's her answer - 'Oh not thins month. Mum got paid short but defo next month!'
It's 30 quid, that's nothing if your getting 40 off your dad every weekend!
She even had the nerve to ask if I could book the accomidation and if she could give me the money once we got there! I'm not made of the stuff and if it's taken almost a year for her to pay me 30 quid then God only knows how long it'll be before she pays the 12 odd the rooms gunna cost!
It;s ridiculious! I'm just gunna sell them on Ebay and go by myself! I am seriously considering it!
My mum would come with me if it wasn't my sister's 16th birthday the day we're ment to be going!
I'm sick and tired of her stupid excuses, same goes for her boyfriend as well!
26 September 2008 @ 05:51 pm
It's the end of my second week at college and already I'm sick of it!
It's a brand new college with new facilities and computers, everything, but there's just one problem...none of its bloody working!
Half of the Art Department computers won't connect to the internet, which is useful when you need research for a subject. The headmaster won't supply any of the Painting and Decorating students with any plaster, or the Engeneering students with any bricks because, and I quote!; 'I don't want my new college getting dirty'!
Talk about being over dramatic!
I want to go into my Drawing and Painting class, get a palette full of acrylic paint and just shower the whole room in it! See what he makes of it!
We don't even have our own personal I.D's on the computers so we can't save any work unless you have a pen stick, which I don't own at the moment. Lucky though I met a nice bloke in the Libary after college today who told me how to do it! He was amazed that none of us have getting told how to!
I swear to god that bloody college is useless!

On another note, my best friend is moving to Lancaster Uni tomorrow. I'm totally bummed by it because I've known her since we were about 6! We've gone through Primary and Secondry together and got together when we could since we go to separate colleges.
Me and her family went out for a few farewell drinks last night. Her sister ended up crying and begging her not to go, he nana was drunk (she's 82!) and her mum staggered out of the pub, but not before walking ungracefully into a wall :P
I wish her all the best, and like she said she's only 2 hours away and I can come down one of the weekends for a night out! She'll show me the clubs and everything which would be nice plus I can always text her and talk to her on MSN when she gets connected.

I'm feeling sorry for her at the momen as well. Her boyfriend went to Ipswich Uni last week and he's five hours away from her! He's texting everyday though and they'll see eachother at Christmas, even if it's only for 2 weeks.
19 September 2008 @ 10:01 pm

First post froom my brand new laptop! Whoop!
Finally got it today!
My other one can be flung out of the window, which I have had the temptation to do ever since it started bollocking up a few months ago.
I'm slighty annoyed that I have to register to a few websites again but it's nothing out of my weekend is it? What else am I going to do apart from research for coursework?